About This Site

www.Macro-Photos.com was created to provide macro photo ideas, inspiration, & information for beginning macro photographers. You will find different techniques and fun examples of how to embark on your own photography adventures.

Newer photographers maybe intimidated by macro photography, thinking that it restricts their creativity. However, macro photography allows you to find intricate new perspectives on everyday objects that you usually wouldn't think twice about.

With a traditional lens, photographers may feel pressured to capture an exotic landscape or breathtaking scene. Yet macro photographers can capture the tiny, beautiful details overlooked in their own backyard.

I challenge you to take a closer look into your own backyard and find these same hidden photo opportunities.

About The Photographer

Photography is my hobby! Probably the most relaxing hobby I have. I purchased my first DSLR camera in 2004 (the original Canon Rebel, not the XT or T1i). No longer would I be stuck with the limitations of a point-and-shoot camera, but instead, I could now change lenses & shoot in continuous bursts! I had more options and settings then I ever had time to explore, but it felt cool. Since then I’ve been hooked, upgrading and upgrading. This hobby isn’t cheap but it is worth it. All photos on this site are from my own body of work.