Photo Adventure Transcript

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Welcome to the second episode of macro photography where I take you with me to discover and capture small beautiful photos that most people would walk past without a thought. At the end of this video don't forget to cast your vote on the shot you like most from today's adventure. I'm your host Jay and let's get started...

Today we are taking a trip to a botanical garden where I will be shooting with my new Canon 80D. This is my first macro photo adventure using this camera. Of course I'll be using my canon 100mm 2.8 L macro lens for this. There will be lots of macro photo opportunities here. You can see we have a bunch of different flowers like roses, birds of paradise, and yellow wildflowers. There are plenty of nice big green plants. The wind is blowing some which could give us some trouble. Hopefully I'll find some nice insects to take macro photos of. Usually spiders are easy to find at a botanical garden. Alright, start the music and let's go see what we can find...

Alright so we shot some nice looking macro photos today with the Canon 80D. I really like the touch screen ability with this camera. It's the main reason why i bought it. In the bees scene where the focus was shifting between bees, that was me using the touch screen feature. So up on my screen now I've created my folder structure. We'll speed up the scene and start picking out my favorites for you to vote on.

Ok here we go, the cream of the crop. I took 1,257 macro photos and have narrowed it down to 21 macro photos that I liked. So let's take a look. I like this one because of the deep contrast between light and dark. This one is a photo of the same plant, I liked the wave affect in this photo. And Yes! I found a spider to take. It's so hard to take these guys because I don't use a tripod and the wind seems to blow every time but this one turned out pretty good. And here is another one of the spider. And another one, you can tell I like taking insect photos. We found a nice yellow and red rose.

And now we are at the bees. There were a lot of them today and they didn't mind me being so close to them. When shooting insects be sure to get their eyes in focus. This will probably be favorite to vote on. This one I liked the yellow and blue sky contrast. We found this statue in the garden. Statues can be a fun object to take macro photos of. They make for good black and white photos. This photo I was trying to shoot the water droplet in a fun way peeking between the leaves. Here are more spider photos that I liked. This one is going to be another favorite to vote on. I like yellow and maroon color of this photo. It feel like it should be hanging in a library. I don't normally like photographing the bird of paradise, it's hard for me to make it look good but this one turned out ok. Here's a different angle of it. Here are some more bee shots that I wanted to keep from today. This is just a nice simple photo that I liked from the group. And we come to our last photo which I really like the tentacle feeling from this so it will be one to vote on.

Alright there you have it, here are my 3 favorite photos from this adventure and I want to hear from you. Which one do you like most? Cast your vote by leaving a comment below or clicking the poll to let me know. I'm going to give you my favorite pick out of these three as a free download so you can do whatever you want with the photo. Enjoy guys and don't forget to like and subscribe to my channel for upcoming macro photo adventures.