Photo Adventure Transcript

Download the winning photo here.

Welcome, everyone, to the third episode of Macro Photography --- where I take you with me to discover and capture small, beautiful photos that most people would walk past without a thought. At the end of this video, don't forget to cast your vote for the shot you like most from today's adventure. I'm your host Jay, and let's get started...

So if you don't feel like leaving the house but you want to practice your macro photography, then this is the perfect setup for you because today we went to the grocery store. That's right! We bought 4 bouquets of flowers. Here they are set up in my backyard. This is also a fine opportunity to practice shooting photos in manual mode. I will be playing around with lighting as well, so you'll get to see those photos toward the end. Plus, it's my mom's birthday, so I will be giving her all of these once I'm done. But don't worry, she'll have real vases to put them in. Alright, start the music, and let's see what we can do with this...

Alright, we shot some nice looking photos from those bouquets of flowers. These photos would be an easy way to provide some color in a bland room. So up on my screen now, I've created my folder structure. We'll speed this up and start picking out my favorites for you to vote on.

Okay, we are done. I took 552 macro photos and have narrowed it down to 34 macro photos that I liked. So let's take a look. This photo looked nice, with the yellow and purple complementing each other. This photo I liked because of the small rose on the left side. The maroon on the bottom and pale pink on top work really well in this photo. Same with this photo, except I liked the blurs a little more. This photo is basically the same as the previous one. Some more of the maroon and yellow, but this one seems "full" --- that's the best way I can describe it. A different shift with this one. Here we start bringing in the water. This one I like because your eyes go up to the top right at first, but the bottom left was what I was mostly focusing with the camera. I liked the water beads following the foliage with this one. A different angle here. Another angle. This bee was a nice surprise. In this photo I really like how it looks like the flower is being gripped. This one is nice and simple. This one is a good colorful one for a room. Same with this photo. In this one I liked the daisy on the bottom left, with the deeper orange behind it. I can picture this photo being in a green room. I really like the left blurs on this one, along with the color combination. I like how in-focus this one turned out. This color combination is really nice. You can see how spraying water can add a lot more to look at with this. Different point of view. I liked this one with the rose blurred in the background. Another yellow and maroon shot. This one, with the color combination and blur fade-out from the top, is one of my favorites. A different angle. Another favorite of mine because of the flow of the lines. Same with this one. I like the lighting and patterns with this one. And the last one.

Alright, there you have it, here are my 3 favorite photos from this adventure --- and I want to hear from you. Which one do you like most? Cast your vote by leaving a comment below, or clicking the poll to let me know. I'm going to give you my favorite pick out of these three as a free download, so you can do whatever you want with the photo. Enjoy, guys, and don't forget to like and subscribe to my channel for upcoming macro photo adventures.