Photo Adventure Transcript

Welcome back Jay-Squad. Let's find our next FujiFilm Instax square photo for our photo album.

Today, we are visiting multiple locations to find one black and white photo. We'll only be using the iphone for the photos so let's see what I can come up with. Start the music!

Alright, here are the four photos to vote on. Photo #1. I like this photo for the simplicity. Photo #2. A nice roman looking structure to look at. Photo #3. I was surprised at how well this photo translated into black and white. Photo #4. I like the curve of the boardwalk that leads up into the scenery. So, which photo do you like most? Vote in the poll or leave a comment below.

And here we go. Our FujiFilm Instax printer is giving us this... What do you think? Was that the photograph you chose? Now, I want to try this monochrome instax film. Let's print 10 photos to see how these look. FujiFilm didn't have the monochrome for the square film so we are using the mini monochrome film. I like them! and when comparing to the regular film, I can see a difference. Hope you enjoyed and see you back here for the next one. Thanks for watching!