Photo Adventure Transcript

Welcome back Jay-Squad to the "dollar shot". Let's find the next FujiFilm Instax square photo for my photo album.

Today, we are visiting a civil war reenactment. This should make for some nice photography. Let's see what we can find. Start the music!

Alright, here are the four photos to vote on. Photo #1. The smoke in the air. The nurse on the right. The fallen soldier on the left. Perfect battle scene. Photo #2. I like this photo because of the guy in the middle. He just looks the part. Photo #3. A nice close up photo of the Gatling gun. Photo #4. Canon fire at its best. It was a loud scene. This is a tough one for me to pick. So, which photo do you like most? Vote in the poll or leave a comment below.

And here we go. Our FujiFilm Instax printer is giving us this... wait, what? A 2 for one deal this time! Oh yes, I couldn't decide on only one photo so here are my two favorites. What do you think? Hope you enjoyed and see you back here for the next one. Thanks for watching!