Photo Adventure Transcript

Welcome back Jay-Squad to a new series I like to call the "dollar shot". Let's go find the next FujiFilm Instax square photo for my photo album.

Today, we are using nothing but the iphone for both photo and video. We are at a this fancy park with the sunset hovering in the distance. We should be able to photograph some kind of photo worth spending a dollar on. Let's see how we do. Start the music!

Alright, I've narrowed the photos down to four photos to vote on. Photo #1. I like the composition of this photo because of the S curve where the lake meets the land. I feel like it's balanced well. Photo #2. I like this photo because of the empty bench on the bottom left and the light poll on the right. It looks like a perfect area for someone to sit and read a book. Photo #3. A classic sunset photo. I like this one for the tree silhouette framing the left side. And also the silhouette of the runner on the bridge in the sunset. You may not be able to see it but he's there. Photo #4. I like this photo for the balance. We have the grass and rocks in the foreground separated by the water with the amphitheater and hotels breaking the horizon. So, which photo do you like most? Vote in the poll or leave a comment below.

And here we go. Our FujiFilm Instax printer and is giving us this... You have been memorialized. Looks great! Was that the photo you chose? Hope you enjoyed and see you back here for the next one. Thanks for watching!