Photo Adventure Transcript

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Here's another idea for your macro photography. Photographing tiny cars! These are 1/64 scale cars. Here you see, I'm just in my backyard with the small yellow truck laying on the ground. I moved the truck to a rock and I'm just using my lap as a tripod. These other photos I went to a park and walked around looking for different spots to place the small cars.

I liked placing this one on the edge of the sidewalk where the grass meets. It makes it look like the car is on a road.

This plant made for some good color contrast so I put the car on a bench.

I liked this blue tarp so I just put the truck on a shoe in front of it. I thought it would look fun to have the truck on rubber material.

And lastly, I used some christmas lights to do something different for this car. I also have a glass table top that I used to get the mirror effect. Ok let's check out these tiny car macro photos... Start the music!

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