Black & White Photography

Black & White Photography

Practicing black and white photos on sea shells! View here.

Butterfly Garden Adv.

Butterfly Garden

Chasing the butterflies around! See what I find. View here.

Finch Before and After

Finch Photo - Before and After Tutorial

A tutorial using Lightroom to edit a small finch. View here.

Statue Before and After

Statue Photo - Before and After Tutorial

A tutorial using Lightroom to edit a small statue. View here.

Butterfly Before and After

Butterfly Photo - Before and After Tutorial

A tutorial using Lightroom to edit a owl butterfly. View here.

Lighthouse Before and After

Lighthouse Photo - Before and After Tutorial

A tutorial using photoshop / lightroom on a lighthouse. View here.

Father's Day - Lighthouse

Father's Day - Lighthouse

Going to the beach to shoot some photos of this lighthouse. View here.

Botanical Garden Photos

Botanical Garden Photos

I did find some bees, wasps, and spiders on this trip. View here.

Photography at Home Ideas

Photography at Home Ideas

Looking for an easy to do "At Home" photography project? View here.

DIY Mother's Day Card

DIY Mother's Day Card

Create a DIY Mother's Day card to go along with some flowers. View here.

Pokemon Easter Eggs

Pokemon Easter Eggs

Turn a regular Easter egg hunt into a photography project. View here.

Instagram Photo Ideas

Instagram Photo Ideas

Looking for new Instagram photo ideas using photoshop? View here.

Product Review: Olloclip

Olloclip macro pro lens review

It's fun to keep in your pocket to practice photography with. View here.

Bird of Prey Adv.

Bird of Prey Adventure

This center helps nurse injured raptors back to health. View here.

Valentine's Day Adv.

Valentine's Day

Flowers last a couple of days but your photos will last forever. View here.

Cemetery Statues Adv.

Cemetery Statues Adventure

Unique statue photos will be our main focus for today. View here.

Park Walk Adv.

Park Walk Adventure

Our mission is to capture a photo for a desktop wallpaper. View here.

Delicious Fruit Adv.

Delicious Fruit Adventure

Keeping it simple. Practicing macro photography on fruit. View here.

Butterfly Garden Adv.

Butterfly Garden Adventure

They are fun and it's difficult to make a butterfly look bad! View here.

Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments

Practicing our macro photography on Christmas ornaments. View here.

Car Show Adv.

Car Show Adventure

A car show is a great place to shoot photos of different cars. View here.

Bouquet of Flowers

Bouquet of Flowers Adventure

I will be playing around with lighting for these flowers. View here.

Botanical Garden Adv.

Botanical Garden Adventure

Shooting with my new Canon 80D. My first video with it. View here.

Local State Park Adv.

Local State Park Adventure

It's a windy day today and that will not work in our favor. View here.

Product Review: Metal Prints

Product Review Metal Prints

This metal is super thin and lightweight. I like this alot! View here.